R.J. Wycke

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About R.J. Wycke

headshotR.J. Wycke was born in the rural town of Bryan, Ohio but spent most of younger years growing up in Toledo. She went back to her small town roots where she met her future husband. They married in 2006 and together they had a daughter in 2009.

During that time she held a variety of jobs that included pizza making, Kirby Vacuums, and Insurance sales, then she and her husband called it quits in 2010.

Finally, she landed a job with a major car parts supplier and began a career in the automotive industry, where she’s been ever since. “I don’t like to be stagnant or repetitive, so I kept applying for different jobs until I worked my way up to an Engineer in Advanced Product Quality,” she laughs.

After attending a James Patterson Masterclass on writing, she decided to follow her passion and submit a chapter in hopes of being his next co-author. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out, but her novel was started and refused to be ignored. Someone in the class mentioned that there was a Writer’s Digest Conference coming up and she decided to use that as a deadline.

She met her goal and is currently pitching and querying her debut novel to agents.

R.J. has loved reading books for as long as she can remember and her mom likes to tell stories about finding her asleep with a book under her pillow or in her arms. She still does that to this day.

Beyond reading, R.J. loves spending time with her daughter, riding horses, and going to movie theaters that offer service at your reclining seat. Although an avid thriller reader, she enjoys any book that grabs her attention. A few favorite authors are J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, Jenny Lawson, Barry Eisler, and of course J.K. Rowling.

R.J. is a member International Thriller Writers, Sisters in crime, and a slew of Facebook writers groups and created a group called Writer’s Murder Club, which she describes as an homage to James Patterson. The group is well suited for anyone writing murder, but at heart it’s a writing group and all are welcome.


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